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  • Comment on simon reay is a badass (2012-01-06 09:55:26)
    Just like in Top Gear for all the "Challenges" I dont wanna know about the car they test, i wanna know about the car that does the same freaking thing with a camera crew. Like the toyota they took to the volcano. it was first in Antarctica but got no air time. took them 2 seasons to give it credit. Yes Im drunk.
  • Comment on RIP Steve Jobs (2011-10-06 09:08:41)
    Apparently an Apple a day does not keep the Dr. away.
  • Comment on A little whorish and some props (2010-04-05 14:02:06)
    Living in Vegas, i see this shit all the time, so its nothing new to me Guess what, yes for the most part it is marketed as gay porn. most tourists dont know that, and are usually a few drinks in when they call the number, and most locals know better. enjoy your drunken exploitation.
  • Comment on "Laptop compatible" Laptop power adapter (2010-03-22 12:28:28)
    Agreed, that said, you cant really pull enough power from a USB port to charge a laptop. it would be kinda funny for those of us that have multiple systems, telling your roomie to get off the gaming computer so you can set up your notebook for charging. oh and as far as phones are concerned, DROID FTW
  • Comment on Tequila (2009-08-28 09:26:55)
    I woudl have to agree that Cuervo is shit. I have some hispanic friends, who showed me what real tequila tastes like, it goes down smooth, and then hits like a freight train. Cuervo is only about 50% tequila, it is then cut with grain alcohol. you would do better if you got REAL tequila, and Everclear, and mixed it yourself.
  • Comment on Post Apopalyptic Weaponized Truck (2009-08-21 03:17:04)
    Will it take off?
  • Comment on Nazi Gold (2009-08-08 17:06:28)
    Well they are releasing a new wolfenstein game relatively soon.
  • Comment on Pie Chart (2009-08-03 19:34:27)
    repost is a repost
  • Comment on Pixar Vs Dreamworks (2009-07-30 20:46:43)
    FAIL, NEMO, the fish in the bottom center, was in fact created by PIXAR, get your facts right or GTFO. Pixar ftw. btw.
  • Comment on Clear Blue D20 (2009-07-11 14:40:12)
    i think this needs an NSFW tag. lol.
  • Comment on German WW2 gas mask suit for a child and a chemical warfare perambulator, das Kindergasmasken. (2009-05-23 13:33:42)
    It looks like the cradle thing the kid was in at the end of Silent Hill (the movie)
  • Comment on Kinky (2009-05-07 12:21:47)
    @tiki god: I can attest to that, she was really kinky last night! Tell her thx for me.
  • Comment on Too Many Errors Have Occured (2009-04-30 02:59:09)
    LOL No body expects the Spanish inquisition FTW!
  • Comment on Sarah Palin Leaning (2009-04-29 06:06:21)
    @token2k6: Agreed. And atleast Tiki got smart and left of the "flame- war starting" directions.
  • Comment on Theme day is coming (2009-04-28 00:29:01)
    @natedog: See you may be talking abotu the other pics on the net, but that has no relevance, since we are all talking about the one that was actually posted. Nice try, but FAIL!!!
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