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i like poon...yeah, i live in's awesome


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  • Comment on Bono (2007-11-13 06:11:36)
    no offence, but i'm really sick of all the crap images on this site...used to be really good, but then it got flooded with crappy images like..bono, and just random crappy things, but some of the good stuff back up man..
  • Comment on Patriotic Soccer Players (2007-10-31 02:16:44)
    wait wait wait...boob meat? who the fuck calls it boob meat? silly cannibal
  • Comment on Candy Corn Cannibalism (2007-10-31 02:14:55)
    i live in aus...soo we don;t have candy corn...but we have beer...lot's and lot's of beer!
  • Comment on What would Neil Patrick Harris do? (2007-10-29 05:38:09)
    more like what the fuck could he not do? i've seen like the first 20 min of's has the Indian guy from white castle in it..
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