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  • Comment on God (2010-04-21 16:14:02)
    ALSO been there, done that - raised in a protestant environment. Waste of 19 years worth of Sunday mornings. Fuck religion, honestly.
  • Comment on Military hardware (2010-04-03 19:17:48)
    ...CIC personnel have JOBS? o.O Yer friendly neighborhood GM2.
  • Comment on LCAC-31 Hovercraft (2010-03-30 06:08:06)
    ...This IS the navy, TrikYodz. LCACs are operated by naval personnel (BMs and MMs, as I recall). They're also loud as shit - not quite as loud as a Harrier or Sea King landing on your head, but close.
  • Comment on Earths - I made this (2010-03-23 17:27:41)
    egad turn down your specularity. @HoChunk its easy enough with tutorials
  • Comment on lcac in sand (2009-10-27 14:27:03)
    fucking LCACs are loud as all hell. They ARE pretty cool though..
  • Comment on Big Gun Girl (2009-10-21 19:52:47)
    Hey, dipshits. It's a beretta. She's most definitely not "going to be on her ass." Even if it was a large-caliber pistol, she still wouldn't be "on her ass." Despite what you see in your favorite anime, hand-held firearms don't generate enough recoil force to knock you over. At the worst, she'll suffer a stove-pipe from not locking her wrist (assuming she is not, in fact, locking it).
  • Comment on US Military Welfare Queens (2009-10-10 01:05:21)
    Pssst Government employees pay income tax. This includes military personnel.
  • Comment on Warhammer 40k Lego Dreadnought (2008-08-03 12:21:46)
    PLAYABLE? you can do playable for less than $100...but that means you're going to have a very small, bare-bones army. Expect to be paying over $400 for a decently-sized army with various 'extra' units that you use based on what army you're fighting (rather than HAVING to take the same army every time because you're too cheap to buy another squad of bikers or whatever).
  • Comment on RPK Machine Gun (2008-07-30 12:41:11)
    I can't help but notice that it's 'ok' to know things about ANYTHING on MCS - but as soon as you know something about guns, you're automatically considered 'that guy who has a very small penis.' Why is that, anyway? Firearms enthusiasts aren't any weirder than musclecar, baseball, or knitting enthusiasts. Guns, like cars, are simple cause-and-effect machines. Sport shooting, like baseball, has it's famous individuals (ie Rob Leatham), and like knitting, spending time at the range is just a good way to relax. I think all of you "LOL UR DIK IS SMAL BCUZ U LIEK A GGUNS LOLOL" need to just grow up and recognize that there are individuals whose hobbies aren't the same as yours. @ FlyingMantisShrimp, specifically.. Your completely useless-ass statement about something entirely unrelated to the topic at hand convinces me you're compensating for a lack of confidence/self esteem and enjoy being "the guy" who has to be a little prick at every opportunity so he can look like an "intellectual" who "understands psychology."
  • Comment on blood hound and kitten (2008-07-16 04:04:23)
  • Comment on quentin tarantino - green and black (2008-07-13 00:56:40)
    Meh. Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill 1 were pretty cool. Everything else he's done - INCLUDING Resevoir Dogs - was so-so at best. His contribution to the Grindhouse project was total ass - I can't even remember what the movie is called. If you chopped off the first 2/3s of the movie and just watched the car chase part, then the movie is watchable. The talky shit at the beginning made me want to put my head through a wall...There's no substance there. Who gives a shit? The car chase was at least interesting.
  • Comment on well hello sailor (2008-07-13 00:50:15)
    Why, hello, Petty Officeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!
  • Comment on ak-47 machine gun (2008-07-08 15:57:41)
    No, see the orange tip? that's airshit. Even if it WAS a real AK, it'd still be an assault rifle, not a true machine gun.
  • Comment on Segway Team returns (2008-07-06 19:17:49)
    but why the HELL are they on segways? I can't imagine anything you could do tactically with a segway that you couldn't do on foot.
  • Comment on Natalie Portamn - Naked Under a Rug (2008-06-26 18:24:48)
    she has a fucking gorgeous face, but she needs a little more meat on her bones. Not a LOT, but holy fuck...somebody get that lady a sandwich.
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