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I hate people. Everyone lies. People are also selfish. Everything any human being does (including myself) is firmly rooted in self advancing principles. That being said, I like anyone that can hear that and go "un huh", I like Zim. I like Camus. I like comic book movies. I like NIN.

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  • Comment on H is 4 ??? (2009-06-20 17:40:06)
    I LOVE it
  • Comment on Palin Mania - PALIN2012 (2009-06-17 17:48:41)
    If I ever need a helmet, ill make sure to borrow yours. If you have anything but hatred for that woman, if you cant understand why the overwhelming majority of people hate her so much, you just recieved proof that you are a fucking moron. I mean, youre not the shallow end of the gene pool, you are about 10 feet above pool level. Word of advise if you are that person, keep your fucking mouth shut, that way you can go on like you arnt a fucking moron and most people wont notice.
  • Comment on Number 23 (2009-06-16 18:36:28)
    ah...... Ahhhhh........ AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! The flamers can start in now, this is one of the greatest movies of ALL time.
  • Comment on Marvels Movie Characters (2009-06-16 18:31:33)
    Hahahahaha. sorry, I didnt know I tripped on the mother of all geek arguers. Should have been tipped off by the username. Sorry to have disagreed, I will not taint your masterbation material anymore. Jessica Alba can play Lady Macbeth for all I care, Im sure your hand will still think she did it like she actually knows how to finish a sentence without looking confused.
  • Comment on Marvels Movie Characters (2009-06-16 17:05:41)
    I was trying to have an open mind since a lot of these people seem to be in the avengers movie. I think Nortons Hulk was pretty freaking amazing. and you have to at least give it to Jackman that he is Wolverine. As a producer the disemboweled origins, but he is still irreplaceable as wolverine.
  • Comment on Marvels Movie Characters (2009-06-16 17:03:49)
    Im sorry sir, but you are WRONG. The casting is atrocious and I will give you only one reason. Jessica Alba. There are a lot of marvel characters she could have assumed, but she looks nothing like the invisible woman, and she sure as HELL doesnt strike me as one of the most intelligent people in the universe. She gets eye candy points, she should have gone for a more sexually charged hero, not a good fit.
  • Comment on Marvels Movie Characters (2009-06-16 16:49:02)
    Is it the other hulk? Didnt that hulk fight some weird tendril jellyfish thing? Kind of looks like his head in the middle.
  • Comment on Marvels Movie Characters (2009-06-16 16:46:03)
    My guess was sandman, but I dont think so. Fail list (in terms of how much the movies sucked): Daredevil (just hardly on the list) Elektra Fantastic Four Ghost Rider. Pretty much the rest are welcome in the avengers movie.
  • Comment on god damn spies destroy everything I create (2009-06-16 12:51:29)
    Thats the difficulty. I stopped playing TF2, in TFC, the sniper was hands down best. However, in TF2, the HWG actually takes some skill, nothings better than getting a crit charge and then killing a sniper after theyve gotten a headshot on you.
  • Comment on god damn spies destroy everything I create (2009-06-16 11:56:50)
    Fuck engineers and spies, real men are Heavy Weapon
  • Comment on diplomacy - everyone listens to a man with an axe - but you might have to swing it around a bit first (2009-06-16 11:03:37)
    To use the same kind of concept sticky used, what if you are just standing there swinging an axe and then the monster from hatchet breaks out of the swamp and shoves your axe up your own ass with his axe. Perhaps its more of a situation where the entire world shuns the idiot stupid enough to wield that axe. P.S. Ahmadinejad. he and bush swung axes around for a decade. Bush was booted for Obama, and the Iranian people are peacefully saying "no way in fuck, that idiot has to go". Go Iran! Go ahead and swing your axe, see where it gets you.
  • Comment on Heart Shapped Hands (2009-06-15 22:44:05)
    Looks like the hand pussy thing... a little bit. Because of that, this picture creeps me out.
  • Comment on Dr Who - Dreamscape (2009-06-04 17:48:16)
    I apologize. I was out of it when I spelt it tartus. But you know it the twarnawk galaxy, There is no "di" sound, so they pronounce it Tart-us. Im having difficulty re-acclimating to proper standard grammar.
  • Comment on Dr Who - Dreamscape (2009-06-04 08:02:12)
    Its times like when I should be out the door in a minute. My dog whined all night, my cat spent my last 20 usable minutes of sleep to scratch around in her catbox and keep me up and now I get to go to my shitty telemarketing job when only 6 months ago I woke up at 10 every day to go to class then my job as a researcher at the state. When I couldnt hate my life any more, I see this. If the tartus materialized in my living room youd never see me again.
  • Comment on The Dark Knight - Joker's Money (2009-05-31 13:24:00)
    This scene was what made me going from liking heath's joker to worshiping heath's joker. Take your money, fall victim to your greed. Gas and gunpowder are cheap and all I want is to see Gotham burn.
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