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I hate people. Everyone lies. People are also selfish. Everything any human being does (including myself) is firmly rooted in self advancing principles. That being said, I like anyone that can hear that and go "un huh", I like Zim. I like Camus. I like comic book movies. I like NIN.

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  • Comment on Obama's Plea (2010-07-25 11:12:25)
    Haha, didn't know that MCS had been so horribly invaded by t-bagging fucktards. This post and the majority of the comments that ensue come straight from the lowest common denominator of the American population. I know, lets vote for McCain!!! Then maybe we can get wars started with Mexico, Russia, and Amsterdam! We will surely win all of them after a few hundred or so years, and we will be the moral saviors of mankind! In the mean time, we will continue to deregulate the economy so the rich can get richer. Liars and cheats deserve their money more than me. Caste systems and indentured servitude are the American way! How dare Obama try to get us off the path to them!
  • Comment on Post 9/11 Ground Zero Pics (2009-09-11 15:04:16)
    yes. Remember what the neocons did. Never forget what they did to gain power.
  • Comment on NIN concert (2009-07-03 16:14:00)
    I went to NIN/JA in chula. Half because I wanted to take my girlfriend on a short vacation for her birthday, and half because the Phoenix show was only listed on the NIN/JA website and a local radio stations website, and I bought off of ticketmaster. It was insane, however I saw footage of the Phoenix show and I think it was more intense, it seemed that he was tired from the phoenix show the night before in chula, and the chula crowd was a little less bouncing off the walls with him, I was really the only one screaming the lyrics. Anyway, we left before Janes went on.
  • Comment on Darth Vader, and Storm Troopers with lightsabers? (2009-06-25 12:53:16) And my question is answered. Im not keeping up with the changes in the universe very well. Last time I checked Ki-Adi Mundi was an actual master. Back when Revenge came out, the official star wars databanks told the story of how Ki-Adi was never allowed the rank of master because he had 5 wives, and how yoda let him in the council because the polygamy eased traditional fears of loss. (I was researching EVERYTHING as I was reading the book). I used that factoid and went to double check it and it had been edited out to help rationalize Anakin's outrage at being the only council member to not receive the rank of master.
  • Comment on Darth Vader, and Storm Troopers with lightsabers? (2009-06-25 12:33:12)
    Agreed, however it is a trivia gem that Han solo is the only non-jedi/sith to be shown wielding a saber. And he does so clumsily, just as Luke was very clumsy with anakin's saber the first time he ignited it before training. And also, there is the fact that you must be able to tune a crystal with the force to make a saber, however, put a saber in hans hand and have him go up against a group of storm troopers, he would die almost instantly. He doesnt have the force speed and focus to deflect any bolts. In this example, Vader could have a rallying ability in the force, and he may be able to augment the clone's abilities, but at least in my oppinion, a saber is no better than a vibroblade in the hands of a non-sensetive because its actually more likely that the wielder will become overwhelmed in combat and hurt themselves with the saber. This goes with what Zen said, id buy that this is more concept artwork before Lucas made rationalizations for why a non force sensitives cant even wield a saber.
  • Comment on Darth Vader, and Storm Troopers with lightsabers? (2009-06-25 11:04:56)
    to my knowledge there was one clone who was able to wield the force. It has been re-written that jango was force sensitive though, so I guess it could also be rewritten that they could properly wield sabers.
  • Comment on Bucky Balls (2009-06-23 12:35:05)
    Myself. Aparently I cant read right after ive downed a cup of coffee. Just saw the URL. lol.
  • Comment on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2009-06-23 12:31:19)
    Oh, and so you can get a taste of the history of the Mad Hatter (not historical footage, more a funny video that describes why actual hatters went mad in the 20th century, with a reinactment): Watch This
  • Comment on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2009-06-23 12:24:18)
    Are you playing devils advocate? or are you taking an alternate stance from the crowd. There is a difference. Anyway, I guess if I were die hard batshit crazy for early burton, id feel that hes gotten weaker with old age, but since Sweeney Todd, Depp and Carter are GOLDEN on screen together, I think Burton brought a different take to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but if you could keep it separate in your mind from Willy Wonka, and just look at Depp for his performance, he made an endlessly enjoyable character, gets slaughtered by wilder, but it was still enjoyable. I also think that first picture reminds me of the computer game "Alice" and while it was a very simple bare bones game, I loved it. This isnt going to make it onto my Top 10, but its going to be worth my money.
  • Comment on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2009-06-23 12:21:19)
    The fail. It chokes me.
  • Comment on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2009-06-23 11:43:43)
    Okay... Im fucking excited
  • Comment on Bucky Balls (2009-06-23 11:17:34)
    First of all, thanks for no link. Douche. Second of all, is it just the era of killing babies? has anyone seen the sparking razor scooter yet? its super fun! and you can pretend youre shredding so hard youre sparking! then you can go over some gas or oil and explode!
  • Comment on Darth Vader, white armor (2009-06-23 10:05:24)
    Im sorry, I havnt read the comics, so perhaps im speaking out of my ass, but from everything ive collected book and video wise... Anakin never had armor. Anakin died in order 66. Vader killed him, and then Anakin took back control while Palpatine was trying to kill luke. I have never considered Vader and Anakin to be the same person.
  • Comment on Afghanistan (2009-06-21 13:24:58)
    Ya, you can. You know in arizona, it is illegal to have a dog in the back of a pickup without proper restraints and safety devices, but driving law wise, it is perfectly legal to just dump a bed load of babies in the back with none of the same precautions. CPS makes up for it, but I still find it interesting to look at Arizonas standards.
  • Comment on Mercenary (2009-06-21 11:25:38)
    sorry to tell ya, you are the only person that has heard of them.
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