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  • Comment on create a human being (2010-07-21 15:33:23)
  • Comment on TMNT Reimagined (2010-07-20 16:34:42)
    Not bad.
  • Comment on First look of Thor, Odin and Loki (2010-07-15 13:48:02)
    These look terrible. I don't think the designs are bad, I'm sure they looked great on paper, but the execution makes them look like dogshit.
  • Comment on The Joker and knives (2010-07-15 13:43:18)
    I don't see anything besides "Apple Chancery" and "Photoshop Cutout." Sorry.
  • Comment on How to Draw (2010-05-05 13:21:46)
    does anyone know who created this?
  • Comment on pc vs mac (2010-04-29 08:53:46)
    youre so insightful
  • Comment on pc vs mac (2010-04-29 08:52:55)
    yeah when we animate in Maya, it's nice to have one screen dedicated to your 3D viewports, and the other screen dedicated to hypergraph, curves, modeling tools, other windows.
  • Comment on pc vs mac (2010-04-29 08:50:58)
    If I had a PC, I'd build it myself. I've helped friends put together their machines.
  • Comment on pc vs mac (2010-04-29 08:49:29)
    nice one. I think I wrote a pretty polite rebuttal to the image, and I think it's funny you guys are inclined to be rude from the safety of your keyboards.
  • Comment on pc vs mac (2010-04-29 08:45:42)
    s'all good
  • Comment on pc vs mac (2010-04-29 08:45:17)
    Fair enough. I was just being dramatic.
  • Comment on pc vs mac (2010-04-28 18:20:59)
    Making this comparison is kind of pointless. People who buy Apple computers are aware of how much they are spending on their machines. They do it anyways because they want an Apple product. I work in the entertainment industry as an animator. We animate on PCs, but all the editing, compositing, and graphic design are done on Macs. It really depends on what your needs are. I have always had Macs at home (6 since 1990), but I'm hardly a fanboy and I have nothing against PCs. I'd happily spend twice as much on my computer just to avoid a virus. I've never had one on any of my Macs, nor have I ever needed repairs or tuning of any sort. I spent $3,000 on my 27" iMac, and I'm quite happy with the purchase.
  • Comment on ROBOCOP, WITH REALISTIC BATTLE DAMAGE! (2010-04-05 10:23:01) I do a quasi-weekely sketchbook blog of the stuff I draw when I should be working.
  • Comment on sometimes the change people want isn't the change they're going to get (2010-02-09 14:28:29)
    Seriously, this shit pisses me off. I don't mind people hating on Obama... but someone want to explain how this is clever? "I have an idea! I'll take some faux-intellectual statement about change, and throw in a 1984 reference! People will think I'm so brilliant!!" Seriously. After our last president, and how close Senator Zombie and Queen Retard came to office... these images just seem like a stretch. Weak sauce.
  • Comment on Hats of Sherlock Holmes, 1962-1983 (2010-01-15 10:51:56)
    Yeah but Depp is no Gene Wilder.
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