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  • Comment on statue of liberty (2011-09-02 19:54:02)
  • Comment on batman and catwoman (2011-06-30 18:35:15)
    That's Leinil Francis Yu. He's great. Jim Lee can draw about five faces. Yu can draw a lot more. Apples and oranges, but I like Yu's work a lot better. I guess not everything Jim Lee does looks good.
  • Comment on human muscles (2011-06-23 18:53:27) Found the artist, if anyone's interested.
  • Comment on human muscles (2011-06-23 18:52:49)
  • Comment on space babe (2011-03-13 16:17:58)
    Oh wow this is awesome/bad.
  • Comment on Devine Vs Demonic (2011-02-11 12:35:18)
    Anyone know the artist who did the second to last illustration? Paul B-----
  • Comment on Tiki (2011-01-10 01:04:38)
    Glad you like.
  • Comment on Conan (2011-01-08 15:44:49)
    ...kind of like the shadow gag from Robin Hood Men in Tights. A sword is a sign of a man's virility!
  • Comment on Conan (2011-01-08 15:42:52)
    Understood. It was originally pen and ink, so the hair was just black.
  • Comment on Conan (2011-01-08 11:57:27)
    Thanks guys. Tiki, I'll think of something. Give me time, as work has been hectic.
  • Comment on yummy tinkerbell (2010-12-04 03:30:13)
    Alice is a fucking man, or my name isn't camiam321
  • Comment on aluminum falcon (2010-11-20 22:18:56)
    Who created this?
  • Comment on My Parents Are Dead Jim!!! (2010-11-16 23:55:01)
    Yeah. A long time ago, I imagined that someone decided to do a tasteful movie inspired by "The Dark Knight Returns." Not a straight adaptation, just an old Batman coming out of retirement. Don't know who this mythical director would have been, but the notion crossed my mind that Clint Eastwood (aged 60) would have been a great Batman. Dirty Harry and Batman are two peas in a pod.
  • Comment on Gladiator Sex Doll for women (2010-08-21 01:14:17)
    I want to know what the hell is on the side of that box.
  • Comment on aquaman meets cthulhu (2010-07-24 00:17:44)
    I like it, but would Aquaman really tame Cthulhu? I don't give two shits about either of 'em. I'm more of a "Batman taming Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent" kind of guy.
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