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  • Comment on Sexy Couple Give You The Middle Finger (2009-06-01 14:07:08)
    I was just kidding ;-)
  • Comment on Sexy Couple Give You The Middle Finger (2009-06-01 01:35:51)
    Those are pornstars from club seventeen.
  • Comment on Biggest Swimming Pool (2009-02-22 04:19:54)
    San Alfonso del Mar in Chile you can find plenty of pictures using this name and videos on youtube.
  • Comment on Tupperware to The Rescue! (2009-01-13 01:03:41)
    It ain't tupperware though....
  • Comment on Stoner Kids (2009-01-12 11:57:51)
    Off course it's shopped, pippi would never use drugs. ;-)
  • Comment on Santa's Little Helper (2008-12-28 05:30:21)
    by the way, have you seen this?
  • Comment on Santa's Little Helper (2008-12-28 05:27:25)
    You may find the resemblance i appearantly fail to do so. however,... All your articles refer to the inflatable santa of 2007 with buttplug NOT the original (2001) in bronze that is now in rotterdam (dutch sorry) Anyway, it really doesn't matter to me, i think it's a christmastree, i've seen the size of that thing and thinking it to be a butt-plug is just ridiculous, even an elephant would be hurting plugging that. The fact that people in L.A., Mexico, Brazil and N.Y.C. have rejected it and it's now sitting in my city pissing off moralists just feels fine to me, let them think it's a fucking butt-plug and go nuts over it, hilarious.
  • Comment on SantaClaus (2008-12-28 04:54:42)
    Den Haag is no better than Rotterdam, just totally different, incomparable i'd say. Besides that i find it a childish remark, it's an ongoing stupid rivalry between 3 or 4 cities in the south-west of the Netherlands that wastes so much energy while contributing absolutely nothing. M.a.w. het is een zielig welles-nietes spelletje waar ik lekker niet aan mee doe.
  • Comment on Santa's Little Helper (2008-12-28 04:12:58)
    @nyokki, i know of McCarthy's other work, i even have footage of that performance you're talking about somewhere. But what the artist initially intended is open for debate, the original description of this work is not, 'santa claus with christmastree' Besides that, i've made a thorough search for all kinds of butt-plugs and never once found one that resembles the shape this santa is holding, i have come to the conclusion that the name 'Santa with Butt-plug' was given to him by the same people that opposed him in several different countries, including my own. I love this work and am glad it sits on a square which is on the route to my work, so i can cycle by it every day and have a small laugh.
  • Comment on Santa's Little Helper (2008-12-27 15:11:19)
    lol, let it be your fantasies then. Today i took a picture of the original Santa Claus by Paul Mc Carthy some 300 mtrs from where i live and posted it on MCF, awaiting moderation you'll be ale to see the bronze result.
  • Comment on Santa's Little Helper (2008-12-27 03:12:05)
    @nyokki Ummmm...yes, the origanal i'm talking about was indeed called just Santa claus and it's description mentioned him holding a christmastree, not a butt-plug. The picture above was taken in a park in antwerp as part of a manifestation where they happily adopted the name given to the public (not the artist paul mccarthy) of the original sculpture. In Rotterdam where i live he's called Kabouter Buttplug, a kabouter is a pixie not santa. Some more info on his recent move to a mayor square.
  • Comment on Santa's Little Helper (2008-12-26 17:38:45)
    I don't think it was meant to resemble a butt-plug or dildo, it was meant to resemble a christmastree-shape-like-kind-of. Only sick perverted minds proclaimed it to resemble a dildo/butt-plug, the same people who protested against it i presume.
  • Comment on Santa's Little Helper (2008-12-24 18:13:30)
    I'm gonna make a pic of the original Santa Buttplug tommorrow and submit it.
  • Comment on Santa's Little Helper (2008-12-24 12:10:51)
    and now he's here,
  • Comment on Santa's Little Helper (2008-12-24 12:09:15)
    a nice clip was made of the story of kabouter buttplug
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