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  • Comment on Rice Field Art (2009-07-14 08:12:33)
    @fracked again: You may want this
  • Comment on camel humper (2008-06-23 09:59:54)
    puter, i just screen'd piss all over my coffee lol
  • Comment on Double Tap Ammunition (2007-11-18 18:53:10)
  • Comment on Soldering Machine (2007-11-06 22:09:44)
    Well, that one does have moving parts such as the switch and the dial. and a simple soldering iron is usually just the iron with an electrical cord.
  • Comment on Doggy Duck Fuck (2007-11-03 09:39:06)
    *I live on a farm
  • Comment on Doggy Duck Fuck (2007-11-03 09:38:42)
    Damn.... I like on a farm and have seen some weird things but thats a new one...... And that duck looks like one of the ones here. A Runner from the looks of it.
  • Comment on Asbestos Would Have Saved The Twin Towers (2007-09-13 17:28:45)
    People are idiots. Simple as that.
  • Comment on Asbestos Would Have Saved The Twin Towers (2007-09-12 19:01:21)
    I wouldn't breath in excessive amounts because doing that with just about anything is bad for you but the spiral one work the same way dust does. unless you breath in WAY more than you should anyway Nothing will happen. so just a normal painters mask/dusk mask would fix that. Under normal use though that wouldn't be a problem so yes it is perfectly safe to work with but because of the lack of knowledge about this know by the majority of the public it's not used anyway.
  • Comment on Asbestos Would Have Saved The Twin Towers (2007-09-11 17:57:20)
    Ok. Time for a small geology lesson. Asbestos contains three subgroups. One is shaped kinda like a toothpick. Another is shaped kinda like a stretched spring. the other is currently unimportant. The one that is toothpick like sticks into the lining of the lungs when breathed in and a hard bump will form over it. this bump does not function as the normal lung lining does and will not process oxygen. thus inhaling large amounts can cause permanent disability and/or death. the spiral spring shaped one has all the same properties as the toothpick one but has absolutely no side effects. this was not known at the time the heath risks were discovered. So when used correctly asbestose can have no negative side effects in the short or long term. Thus concludes this lesson.
  • Comment on Caution! Zombies may be flammable (2007-07-23 17:41:58)
    sirian-"sansbutt, why would you do that in reality when you can just play zombies, build the game as you go, take your shotgun guy and kill them?" ZOMBIES FTW!!!!!! Wicked board game. Not recommended for little kids though...
  • Comment on Evil is an art form. (2007-07-14 12:02:06)
    "This is obviously shopped. No real cat would let you bury it and then actually STAY there." What the hell are you talking about? It's a drawn image not a photo.
  • Comment on NASA/FAA Test Crash of A Boeing 720 (2007-07-04 21:43:06)
    It worked. The out side of the plane was toast but the inside had no burn marks or fire damage of any kind.
  • Comment on Pseudoscorpion (2007-07-02 19:40:05)
    Now one of my favorite bugs. I'm allergic to dust mites. They eat them. thus I'm happy. Also for those who think these are scary you should look around to see what else live in your house.
  • Comment on Gay PC (2007-07-02 19:25:24)
    How Do they think those signs were printed anyway?
  • Comment on Owl Snowprint (2007-06-28 21:12:25)
    Any one here ever watch an owl walk though the snow? The owls tail scrapes on the snow leaving a path behind it. also they leave more than one mark from their wings when they land.
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