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  • Comment on harry in a wig (2013-08-27 17:00:23)
    Usually, I'd let this slide, but today I'm feeling particularly pedantic, so... Harry belongs to the house of Gryffindor, therefore, his tie is red with gold stripes. The tie in the picture is blue, indicating a student of the house of Ravenclaw, such as Moaning Myrtle, who wears her hair as shown in the picture. Therefore, I submit to you that a better title is Myrtle with a faceswap.
  • Comment on Yo Dawg, I Hear you like sharks. (2013-08-26 08:07:48)
    "There's always a bigger fish..." -- Qui-Gon Jinn.
  • Comment on Rammstein (2013-08-23 15:59:28)
    Rammstein is usually categorised as "Industrial metal", rather than electronic/heavy rock/metal, but I'm not about to split hairs. Love their sound and love their lyrics. Thank you for posting :)
  • Comment on laura croft, then and now (2013-07-17 16:58:10)
    You're right; it is Lara rather than Laura, but did you know her name was, at first, going to be Laura Cruise? The changed it to Lara because they figured American audiences would end up pronouncing it like Lara anyways and Croft seemed more British than Cruise (she's supposed to be English, you know).
  • Comment on soviet supergirl cosplayer (2013-07-12 15:52:16)
    Da, I "vould"...
  • Comment on How about this (2013-07-10 16:12:39)
    Yes, it was, and it is. A departure from the "old world values" would have been to adopt the metric system, but they thought sticking to the Imperial system was good enough.
  • Comment on How about this (2013-07-10 14:31:03)
    I seem to remember 0ºF being the melting point of a mixture of equal parts water, alcohol and something else? I only heard it once, in class, over 10 years ago (and I'm metric).
  • Comment on Oni (2013-07-04 00:22:54)
    Oh, the memories... Great game!
  • Comment on Jaguar F-Type (2013-07-03 15:45:30)
    Granted, the hardtop would be much stiffer, but I think a worse fault is that it looks almost generic. I'm not saying it's not very pretty (although I am saying it has nothing on the "old" XK (not the permanently frowning XKR), not so say anything of the E-Type, which it is replacing, or the AML DB9), because it is, but a Jag should be more of a head turner; when you drive past in one, even if you bolt past in a blur, people should at least think to themselves "That was a Jag!", not "Oh, neat car, what was that, an Audi?".
  • Comment on The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (2013-06-23 16:25:55)
    I own a copy of a book containing the story from which the 1948 picture is taken. Never knew it dated so far back...
  • Comment on GIFman Begins (2013-06-20 12:03:50)
    It's pronounced JIFman.
  • Comment on console wars (dog version) (2013-06-09 04:29:12)
    Funny thing, I was thinking of the PS4 as I wrote it, and as I read it again, I realised the same could be said of the Xbone (although, if I wanted to attack the Xbone, I would have started by calling it an "Orwellian wet dream").
  • Comment on console wars (dog version) (2013-06-09 01:00:43)
    Even if it doesn't, just going by the emphasis it seems to have put on social media and networking rather than, oh, you know, GAMES (!), I don't think it's going to be a good one...
  • Comment on console wars (dog version) (2013-06-08 21:50:26)
    It would have been more accurate if, instead of running along whatever it's running along, the dog ran sideways on a treadmill while a canary posted pictures of it on Facebook...
  • Comment on Assassin's Creed Cosplayer (2013-05-22 17:44:16)
    Can we have her in AC4?
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