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The French family name De Lannoy is classified as being of habitation origin. This name denotes names whose origin lies in the place of residence of the initial bearer of the surname. In the case of the family name De Lannoy, the appelation may be traced to the town and canton of Lannoy, which is located in the departement of Nord. The place-name Lannoy arose from a combination of the french definitive article "le" and "annoy", a French rendering of the Latin "alnus" denoting an alder tree. The town of Lannoy was mentioned under the spelling "Lanoit" in documents from the year 1233. There is also a town called Lannoy-Cuillere in the departement of Oise. Variants of the surname De Lannoy include Delannoy and Lannoy. One of the earliest references to this name is a record of one Hugues de Lannoy, a knight and "seigneur" (lord) of the town of Lannoy who died in 1313. His grandson, Jean de Lannoy, was baron of Rennes, a knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the Burgurdian ambassador to England. There is also a mention of Francois de Lannoy, son of Philippe de Lannoy and Francoise de Barbancon, who was born circa 1518 in Courcoing. Notable bearers of the surname include Gilbert de Lannoy (1386-1462), a diplomat and adventurer who wrote a fascinating account of his journey to the middle east, "Les Pelerinages de Syrie et d'Egypte" (The Pilgrimages of Syria and Egypt). Raoul de Lannoy, who flourished in the second half of the fifteenth century, served in several important posts for King Louis XII of France, but is best known for his magnificent mausoleum which he had built for himself in the church of Folleville.


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