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  • Comment on birds vs whale (2015-03-13 14:18:49)
    It was only a fluke. [img]http://picturehoster.info/images/62123717633795900963.gif[/img]
  • Comment on Pizza (2015-03-12 15:22:07)
  • Comment on Silencers (2015-03-08 15:59:19)
    Every little bit helps.
  • Comment on Sean Loses His Virginity (Based On A Crude Story) (2015-03-06 12:41:22)
    "Medical citations"...? Did you hospitalize someone?
  • Comment on Library flasher (2015-03-06 12:38:46)
    I'll Dewey her decimal system.
  • Comment on Color Breaker (2015-03-06 11:56:49)
  • Comment on Silencers (2015-03-06 11:42:14)
    They forgot the best benefit of all, and the reason most people buy silencers: so that other people won't hear it when you bust a cap in someone, making it easier to avoid all those pesky legal repercussions.
  • Comment on TOE (2015-03-05 12:30:30)
    What a creative way to flip someone off.
  • Comment on Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron - Trailer 3 (2015-03-05 12:28:34)
    Question for Tiki: are all the old comment pic links going to revert back to pics when you do...?
  • Comment on Dreads (2015-03-05 12:20:32)
    1. Cthulhu fhtagn 2. "Ow, my neck" 3. walks by a single lit cigarette butt and FWOOSH 4. imagine the smell 5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordian_Knot
  • Comment on RIP Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015 (2015-03-01 14:56:46)
  • Comment on fire storm (2015-03-01 14:46:04)
    Oh yeah, just take shelter at the gas station over there...you'll be fine.
  • Comment on Green Lamborghini (2015-02-26 12:54:31)
    So I stood by the roadside The soles of my running shoes gripping the tarmac Like gunmetal magnets Fixed on the front of her Fassbinder face Was the kind of a smile That only a rather dull child could have drawn While attempting a graveyard in the moonlight But she was impressed You could see that she thought I looked fine And when she turned sweeter The reason (between you and me) was She'd just seen my green Lamborghini
  • Comment on Tower over sand (2015-02-26 12:20:02)
    if I were so terrified of being arrested or executed for religious crimes, I think it would be cool to go up this building.
  • Comment on Michael Keaton (2015-02-23 09:55:29)
    Lost the Oscar to this guy: [img]http://picturehoster.info/images/99791190551523755490.jpg[/img]
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