1. Where the hell do you find these things?

All images are user uploaded by you, the adoring users of MyConfinedSpace


2. I have this sweet image, how do I tell you about it?

Upload it to the site! Under no circumstances should you e-mail it to me or try sending me an IM with a link to it. I’ll just ignore you.



3. Is there a RSS feed for MCS?

Yes!  There are multiple feeds:
Main Site Posts
Main Site Comments
NSFW Content Posts
NSFW Content Comments


4. You have a copyrighted image that I’m forced to ask you to remove.

If this is the case, call off the lawyers, I’ll just take down the free publicity that you’re getting, I’ll say something to the effect in the post, and there won’t be much of an issue. Funny pictures aren’t worth being sued over. You will need to e-mail an admin (see below for contact information) Due to past hoaxes and false requests, requests in the comments can and will be ignored. Take down notices must have these items included in them :
14.1 – your contact information including mailing address and phone number

14.2 – the name of the infringing image
14.3 – the url address of the copied image (in a clickable fashion please no PDFs.  all PDFs are automatically tagged as spam)
14.4 – a statement that you have a good faith belief that the material is not legally posted on MCS
14.5 – a statement that under penalty of perjury, you are is authorized to act for the copyright holder
14.6 – your signature (digital equivalent acceptable)
It would help expedite matters if you linked to a copy of the image on your own servers, where the image is displayed in a professional manner.

OR you can use this form to request any take downs


5. Space Reserved


6. I’m trying to leave a comment, but I can’t figure out how!

Only registered users can post images or comments, so feel free to sign up for an account (link at top).


7. Dude, can you remove the watermarks?

If you’re seeing watermarks on the images, then either you’re not viewing them through this website (rss reader, hotlinking, etc) or the webserver is on fire. The first one you can easily fix, just click through to the actual page with the image on it. The second one..um, donate fire extinguishers. (see Hotlinking for more information)


8. Hotlinking

If you see an image elsewhere that has the MCS watermark on it, you can find it here on this site WITHOUT the watermark. Simply find the picture on MCS, and hit F5 a couple times for the original version.


9. What affiliations do you have?

The Tiki Web Group will tell you all the sites that currently fall under my banner.


10. How can I contact you?

E-mail me at adam@tikiwebgroup.com
Twitter: @myconfinedspace
Facebook: www.facebook.com/myconfinedspace


11. Sweet Raptor Jesus, I found a post FROM THE FUTURE.

OH SHIT. Be careful of your time traveling abilities, and use them for awesome, and not for evil. Or did you just click on one of the random posts, and came to a future dated post? Only logged in MCS members can access those pages. You see, I like to drink. A lot. You help pay for that (see #10 above) Unfortunately, that means that I’ll go for days on end without accessing the site, due to alcohol poisoning or being passed out in jail. To make sure that the site doesn’t go dry (get it? heh) I set some posts up to be automagically posted on the site. Fortunately for logged in MCS members, you can get random access to them via the random posts.


12. Why the hell are there all these reposts?

I’m a drunk. End of story.  Well, sorta, there’s an account set up call “Tiki Bot” and sometimes he gets all crazy and starts duplicating duplicates of already duplicated posts.


13. I want to promote a product / website on MCS

Contact me at the above methods, and we’ll work something out.


14. Since when we can have avatars in the blog?

April 23, 2008. MyConfinedSpace uses Gravatars for everyone’s use. The idea behind gravatars is that you can have one image represent you everywhere you go.
All you need to do:
1.) Sign up with them, using the same email address that you used here on MCS
2.) Upload an avatar to their servers.
3.) You are now done.

Through some coding magic, that avatar will now show up on MCS, and any other website that uses gravatars. You can trust the Gravatar people, due to the fact that they are also responsible for both wordpress and bbpress. Your e-mail address won’t be visible to anyone on the net, and you won’t get spammed. yay!

As of May, 2021 you can now set your avatar locally by going to your profile page and editing it there.


15. Why are there so many pictures of  “X” today?

Today’s a special day! It’s a theme day!

Here’s a list of all the previous theme days  :


  • December 2007 – Food














16. Image Submission Instructions

Here’s a video of the instructions for you to view:

  1. Click “Add Content” in the header bar.
  2. Enter a post title Must Be Descriptive Of The Image!
  3. Add at least one picture.
  4. Put in some words. Does your image have text on it? Put the words here.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Publish’.

Uploading multiple images? Make damn sure they’re all on the same exactly topic or subject. If they could/should be broken up into separate posts, please do so!


17) M[c]S Premium Membership?

The source of this answer is hidden from your view because you are not a premium member.

Just kidding! Stop on by the Patreon page to see what a premium MCS+ membership will get you!

Why should you register?

*you can comment!
*you can rate images!
*you can see NSFW posts!
*you can see the recent comments page!
*you will bypass the full page adverts!
*you will have dropdown comments on main page!


18) This image is hardly NSFW, why is it marked NSFW, just put it on the front page, my boss is a dominatrix and I work at a dildo factory and I don’t understand why this image is marked NSFW, because I’m an idiot perhaps?

Perhaps you’re right, but you know what?  post classifications really aren’t up to you.  Hell, they’re not even up to Tiki God.  They’re up to google the advertisers, who actually blacklisted MCS in the past, and without the income from their adverts, MCS would be dead in the water.  They’re only ok with 100% work safe / family safe content for their advertisements, and more power to them, that’s their right.  This is why we have nsfw.myconfinedspace.com  which is supported by juicy ads.


19) Space Reserved


20) How do I post Images and/or Video in the comments?

Use these formats:

Just put a link to the content, the site is usually smart enough to embed it automatically.


21) What is a Hidden Comment?

A comment is hidden after it gets a particular amount of down votes. People that comment stupid/racist/stupid comments get their comments down rated. Also, mods are able to downvote comments into oblivion if they think comments are not worthy of MCS.


22) What are these “tiki asks” posts?

I’m interested in your opinions and stories.


23) What is this video that loads on every page?

In theory that’s a Twitch stream that’s either a gold fish having the time of it’s life, or it’s Tiki God playing a video game. You should definitely follow and possibly subscribe to the feed. If you have Amazon Prime, it’s free to subscribe!

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24) What’s the deal with the fish on Twitch?

The Fish on Twitch is named “Goldy” with no “e” and was added to the tank back in 2014 and is a Comet Gold Fish, which is a type of carp. Comets were specifically bread for their looks as long ago as 1782! Gold fish are normally good tank mates with other gold fish, but this particular gold fish a murderer and has killed every fish or plant that has ever been put in the tank. Hence, he’s a solo fish for the time being.

Goldy was purchased for about $0.40 from a local pet store.