Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Revenant

An all-new novel based on the landmark TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from the acclaimed author of A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe! Jadzia Dax has been a friend to Etom Prit, the Trill Trade Commissioner, over two lifetimes.

A well done look into some pretty zany Trill backstories, all of which seem to involve the Dax symbiote in some way or another. This is a follow up to a couple plot lines introduced in the television show, one about how more Trill were eligible for implantation and one about a hidden and murderous past life had come to light in one of Dax’s hosts. I liked how it was wrapped up, and though I do think there was a bit too much super hero power stuff included, it still felt like it fit right in with how weird DS9 was at times.

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