Which actor did you never expect to see in the MCU?

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    I was honestly surprised when Christian Bale signed on. I know he did Nolan’s Batman but I thought that was more to work with Nolan than anything. I think he did pretty good though. Marvel villains are better when they have motivation other than, “I am the bad guy because the script says so!” A problem a lot of the earlier movies had.

    tiki god

    I agree with you there, though his motivation was weird to me: “My child died, so I’m going to go around kidnapping and murdering children”?


    I don’t think he had any intention of killing those kids. It was solely to lure Thor in, and it worked. His goal was god killing and he did a lot of it.

    I could be mistaken on those points though. Just saw the movie once. Will probably check it out again when I can at home.

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