Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham Subpoenaed in Trump Election Meddling Probe

The Fulton County grand jury’s probe appears to be closing in on the former president, who pressured Georgia’s top election official to “find” the votes needed to overturn t…

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    When they refuse to show up you better be prepared to serve arrest warrants at their houses and take them into custody or none of this matters.

    Karl Lewis

    Almost everyone subpoenaed lately is a licensed attorney. An attorney, (an officer of the court), ignores a court order at the risk of disbarment. This is a criminal proceeding, not a civil case. If they don’t arrive for their scheduled testimony, bench warrants will be issued, and Georgia State Troopers will be dispatched to fetch the reluctant witnesses.

    Lindsey Graham is *acting* like he’s going to try to quash the subpoena, but given the facts of the case, no Judge in the country would rule in his favor. I mean, he’s not likely to even get a delay.

    Strap in; shit’s about to get a little bit real.

    tiki god

    Rudy had his suspended, soooooo

    Karl Lewis

    I did say “almost.” Ellis, Mitchell, Chesbro and Eastman, are still, for the moment, licensed attorneys.

    Last edited 1 month ago by Karl Lewis
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