With no fuel and no cash, Sri Lanka grinds to a halt

Less than a day’s worth of fuel remains, says the energy minister, as the cash-strapped nation extends school closures.

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    Karl Lewis

    Welcome to the hellscape that is Joe Biden’s… *checks notes*… Sri Lanka.
    These problems could be solved, would be solved, if Joe Biden would just increase Sri Lanka’s domestic oil production.


    I think what we’re seeing here, is the world’s unwillingness to bail out “unprofitable” countries anymore. We’re just gonna leave them to suffer, because we don’t have anything left over either. They can’t take out loans because lenders know they won’t pay it back. They beg for donations from foreign nationals at a time when everyone is out of work. It’s a bad situation. I wonder if we’ll see an “unprofitable” country get taken over by a nearby one?

    tiki god

    IMF already has a plan to bail them out, they’re working on the details but I’d expect it to start rolling out soon.

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