Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking

The former associate of Jeffrey Epstein had been convicted of five counts of sex trafficking in December

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    Probably not long enough. Also betting she’s out in 6 for some shitty reason. Already complaining about how hard prison is because of her age. Justice should be blind to everything except the act you committed. Doesn’t matter if you’re 26 or 86.


    While I generally agree, in most civilised nations the only permitted punishment is deprivation of liberty. The punishment lies in being locked up, not what happens to you inside. The state still has a duty of care to its inmates, and most countries specifically outlaw cruel and unusual punishment. Mind you, when you incarcerate as huge a proportion of your own population as the USA does, that presents large cost implications.


    We may not disagree at all.
    I think the complaint of “prison is hard at my age” is a bullshit copout. The US prison system is definitely in need of strong reform and change and should be far more humane, but trying to get a lighter sentence because of her age is where lies my ire.


    Nobody gives a shit about her. We wanna know who killed Jeffery Epstein and whose names are on the client list!

    tiki god

    we already have the client list, the problem is that it’s intimately intermixed with their regular contact list.



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