So you want to argue about abortion

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    This doesn’t really work because the same people you’re supposed to be engaging with in good faith aren’t going to engage with you in good faith.

    They also don’t support childcare subsidies, maternity and paternity leave, food stamps/rental assistance/SNAP, a monthly allowance for single parents would have them laughing in your face, sex education, or access to birth control. It’s not about preventing abortions for them, it’s about punishing women for daring to have sex without the intent of procreation.

    They also don’t like separation of church and state clearly because they’re already using their church to control the state. They’re only for separation of church and state when it comes to the church having to pay taxes. They think their religion is superior to all other religions. It’s a freaking part of their religion for crying out loud. These are not people that can be reasoned with and unfortunately this flyer is full of reason.

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