Dave Chappelle Says He’s ‘Sincerely’ Hurt By Trans Jokes Backlash

Dave Chappelle said he was “sincerely” hurt by the backlash he’s received from his comedy material that’s been decried as transphobic.

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    I guess if you can’t take the heat from telling trans jokes, don’t tell trans jokes. Not that hard Dave. Speech is free, consequences are too.

    tiki god

    Tell me you didn’t read the article without actually telling me.


    Incorrect assumption.

    tiki god

    but you said he couldn’t handle the heat, he’s doubling down on the situation with his comments here.


    This quote, “The Post quoted Chappelle as saying he was “sincerely” hurt by the response to his performances that include “The Closer,” a Netflix special that aired in October of last year and was met with fierce opposition from the LGBTQ community.”

    He attacked a marginalized group, got called on it, did it again, and is hurt by the backlash. He can cry me fucking river.

    tiki god

    You know what, I’m conflating this article with another one that pointed out that he’s not rejecting the naming completely, but kickin it down the road, betting that society is going to catch up with his way of thinking, which I think he’s right.

    sorry about that.


    You know who’s hurt more? Actual trans people. Who he has put into harm’s way with his transphobic bullshit.

    tiki god

    I’ve seen the special and I remember nothing that was transphobic in it, and said as much when I reviewed it www.myconfinedspace.com/2021/11/09/dave-chappelle-the-closer/#respond

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