The massacre hidden by the US governament

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    Karl Lewis

    Not quite sure why anyone would describe this as “hidden.” I was aware of it at the time, (yeah, I’m old, what of it?). There was a huge lawsuit over it, (the police lost), there’s a documentary movie, and a Wikipedia page. (See: 1985 MOVE Bombing)


    Wasn’t even the first time. The Tulsa Massacre of 1921 started as a young black man got arrested over a rumor of what might have happened in an elevator with a white woman (all charges later dismissed)… a rumor that got so far out of hand that the entire neighborhood of Greenwood (a very prosperous Black neighborhood, which caused resentment in underachieving Whites) was put to the torch. 35 city blocks destroyed. Hundreds shot by armed mobs. Thousands arrested, having done nothing wrong. Millions in wealth destroyed.

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