Wing Commander

Wing Commander: Directed by Chris Roberts. With Freddie Prinze Jr., Saffron Burrows, Matthew Lillard, Tchéky Karyo. Blair, a fighter pilot, joins an interstellar war to fight the evil Kilrathi who are trying to destroy the universe.

Look, I know that not many people enjoyed this film, but it has everything that I could ask for in a military science fiction film: a kickin story, an awesome soundtrack, and giant fucking cats in space marine armor. I still haven’t played the games the movie is based on, though I do own them. Maybe they’ll get played in my “Monday backlog” twitch streams, maybe not, who knows.

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    I don’t know who “Rathi” is or why he should be killed.


    This movie sucked.


    I have to agree with Storminator. This movie was not good.


    Was an okay movie. Not great. Not (that) terrible.

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