Michigan Officer Who Killed Black Driver Is Charged With Second Degree Murder

“I hope it sends [the message] that we take these cases seriously,” the Kent County prosecutor said

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    In tomorrows news; Supreme Court rules any action taken by a police officer is inherently moral, legal, and constitutional.


    The police need to have their qualified immunity removed. Then, when they are held personally responsible, the will have to behave correctly. Also, they should be required to have a minimum two-year law degree to become a cop. And a four-year law degree to become an upper rank.

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    Karl Lewis

    I’d argue that, mostly, anyone who wants the job should be disqualified, out of hand. Not all cops, obviously, but a significant portion of them are not the kind of people who should be permitted to carry guns, at all, and the job attracts that [wrong] type.


    Ending qualified immunity would do much to keep the bad people from seeking to be cops.

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