Texas governor: 15 killed in school shooting; gunman dead

UVALDE, Texas (AP) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says 15 people were killed in a shooting Tuesday at an elementary school. Abbott says the suspected shooter, an 18-year-old man, also died and was believed to be killed by responding officers.

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    There will be pushed a gun control law in the wake of this. I believe that there might be some flavor of possible sane gun control, but I am fairly sure that whatever legislation that is offered, there likely is zero chance the proposed legislation will prevent this story.
    I had earned my pistol marksmanship ribbon while in the Navy, and have never fired a firearm since, by my own choice.I just want to see that a crisis driven bill suggested actually prevents said crisis ( you would have to find the exception from the norm). But that requires critical thinking on the general populace, which strikes me as unlikely (my own critical thinking also needs updating, which is often lacking.

    As for kids ended before their time. Time can happen unannounced. I met via a FoF the mother of Hailey Owens. Newspaper articles note that the Owens family wanted to not pursue the death penalty for the murder of Hailey.

    That stuff is difficult


    There will be no gun control law. We decided some time ago that the slaughter of kindergartners wasn’t enough to even tighten a loophole or two. Even if a bill makes it through the House, the DINOSAURs Manchin and Sinema will kill it in the Senate.

    A ban on AR-15 style weapons would’ve made this a lot less deadly. There’s really only one use I ever see them put to. Most serious hunters laugh at the people trying to use them for hunting. Home defense is better handled by a shotgun (just rack the sucker and most intruders piss themselves). ARs are designed to kill multiple humans very quickly, and many of them primarily use a very nasty kind of ammo that blows a hole the size of a softball in you.

    Bill Clinton signed an assault weapons ban and mass shootings were cut in half. Repukes let it expire and mass shootings are worse than ever. We are literally the only country where this happens. As long as there are states with weak gun laws, you can fill up your trunk with guns and drive across state lines and shoot up a place with strong gun laws. Funny how this doesn’t happen in Hawaii, due to how hard that is to drive there.

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