‘There’s something comforting about it’: the collectors who won’t let go of their DVDs and videos

For some of Australia’s most hardcore film buffs, streaming will never match the tactile, finite and nostalgic lure of the hard copy

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    I’m one of them, but I’m doing it better. I’ve approximately 1500 DVDs, HD-DVD’s, and Blu Rays that have been shucked from their bulky cases and put in cast polypropylene sleeves, ripped and encoded for Plex with the most generous settings or left as remux. Trailers are optional as are pre-rolls such as THX clips or particularly ironic or lengthy anti-piracy warnings, or ads for HD-DVD. All the convenience of streaming, all the advantages of physical media.




    I didn’t have access to that many.. For fear of consuming space, my Blu-ray have minor compression….. All the Blu-ray that are worth watching for spectacle are sitting on a shelf… I still have 3.5 TB ripped… The important part is that I am MPAA safe, since I have all the discs tucked away in a box somewhere.


    A company can’t edit my physical copy.


    If I like it, I buy it. I get special features, can watch it whenever regardless of licensing changes between the platforms, and as Bolthorn says they cannot edit it after the fact.


    No, this makes you a fuckin hoarder. Get rid of all that shit, replace it with a Synology running Plex. There is no reason, other than to satisfy a horrific hoarder OCD drive, to be this space-inefficient in 2022. I see this as just another piece bemoanin the good old days when they could sell you a movie on VHS, and then again on LaserDisc, and then again on DVD, and then again on Blueray. Those days are over, good riddance!

    tiki god

    I agree, but only on the idea that most movies have no place in my physical collection, but you’ll need to pry my Star Trek Animated Series VHS tapes from my cold dead hands.

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