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    Texas is kinda dumb outside the major cities.


    You kidding me? The major cities are full of people from other major cities in other states who moved to em because they thought it would be cheaper, driving the cost of living to the same rate as the hellholes they moved from (not to mention the voting for politicians who make that even worse). It’s the worst in Austin (as it and neighboring areas are now the most expensive place to live in Texas) but it’s happened with all the other ones too. Funny thing is now these idiots are moving back to the hellholes they came from or moving on to other cities to do the same thing like a bunch of locusts.
    NGL though there are a lot of dumb Texans outside the cities too.


    Between Voter suppression, and being gerrymandered to heck and back, it makes getting them out of power much harder.


    It didn’t take long for me to find a suitable place to post this image I got the other day
    [hmm, it hasn’t added the image I thought I attached to this post]

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