Court in Fiji approves U.S. warrant to seize Russian-owned mega-yacht

American and Fijian officials claim the $325 million Amadea is owned by sanctioned billionaire Suleiman Kerimov.

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    Karl Lewis

    So… the plan was to take the yacht at full speed to Fiji, where, apparently, the Russian dude thought we would not be able to *find* the yacht. Because, I *guess* Russian Oligarchs are utterly unaware of satellites.

    I mean, there was a time when you could take a fleet of battleships to sea, and no one would know where they were… but that was 80 years ago. Today, Google, a private company, could have tracked every inch of the boat’s progress across the ocean. Likely, the various governments could identify what people on the yacht were eating, drinking, and watching on Netflix.

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