Actually a great idea. Thanks Mitt!

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    Karl Lewis

    I’m so old, I remember when the GOP passed a law that cut taxes on their wealthiest donors, driving up the deficit, and now their proposal to fix that is to tax poor people, so, yeah, both sides, or something.

    Mittens may have voted to convict Trump, twice, but that should not lead anyone to think that he’s anything other than a tool for the American Oligarchs.


    Well Mitch, the people that actually spend their money would be able to spend it on goods and services while the people that just hoard their money so they can win at capitalism would see their money instead flow through the economy instead of sitting in accounts. Money actually churning through the economy is better for everyone.


    I’m always surprised how this is a point that gets missed. You want your revenue in to increase, give people more power to purchase your products/services.


    Nothing. It will go wrong as soon as the rethuglicans stick their sticky paws into the mix.

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