The Orville Season 3 (2022)

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    Why does that say Disney+? I thought it was going to be on Hulu. Is this an international thing? Do I need to be using the VPN to log into D+ in a different country?

    tiki god

    last I heard it was still going to be Hulu, though if it shows up on D+, I’d be fine with that too.


    This the Canadian/International poster.


    Because I have to be the contrarian, Season 3 is likely to be the last.


    Bummer to hear, but considering how long it took to get season 3 made it’s not really surprising.

    tiki god

    I’ve the same from several other sources as well, it’s a real shame, I feel like the show was given a bum deal from the get go. They never properly marketed it, and they still to this day, have not released it on bluray, which is mind boggling to me.

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