64% of workers would consider quitting if asked to return to the office full-time

Companies demanding people back to the office could see more employees leave their jobs soon, according to a new report from the ADP Research Institute.

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    I don’t know if I’d immediately quit but I might start looking for a different job that did let me work from home full time. And if the opportunity to take a permanent work from home positioned arrived I’d definitely jump on it. The more successful companies are going to be the ones that allow for this kind of flexibility because they’re going to be able to select from the best people.


    There are two reasons why businesses want to go back to office work:

    1. Incompetent managers who can’t manage without directly observing work. They’re being sussed out en masse by remote work.
    2. Office rental fees and empty office buildings. This is doing bad things to the office real estate market. Maybe stop building 30 story monuments to capitalism, then.

    I think it’s about time some landlords got fucked after fucking the public for so long. Let their tombs of glass and steel sit empty.

    tiki god

    I’m an extremely small investor in the sector, but I can see why some of the larger players would be hesitant to allow the commercial RE business disappear, it’s been extremely lucrative for me for the last 5 years, I’ve make nearly $100 in that time period on just a few hundred bucks.

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