Nothing for free from those guys.

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    Karl Lewis

    I am not sure I am ever going to understand the performative ignorance espoused by almost EVERYONE about “free speech.” The first amendment says, and means that the *government* can not make it unlawful to insult elected officials, or otherwise discuss stuff, including religion. It says nothing, at all, about who will own newspapers, (it has always been true that the largest papers were run by wealthy people, for as long as there’s been a United States.)

    If twitter or facebook ban you, that’s just commerce. Go stand on a street corner with a sign. Create your own damned blog, host it on your own damned server. Why is this complex?


    Why would you try to understand it. You expect them to know the legal or technical difference between The Internet and a platform that runs on top of it? Run your own blog? Just look at what happened with Parler. They wanted the massive reach like Twitter and Facebook had, and when nobody would host them they closed up shop. People are lazy, and they want the power that comes with those big platforms, but when it comes to facing the problems caused, they just whine and complain.

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