How do you update Magnetos backstory from WW2 survivor?

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    I thought they solved this by everything that has happened in the Marvel universe was “a few years ago”. So there is not hard locked down timeline.

    tiki god

    That’s true, but his origin is firmly in the jewish holocaust, which has a set time frame.


    Right, but what I’m saying is that if everything else in the Marvel universe happened “a few years ago” and “now” isn’t really our current concept “now” then you don’t have to worry about it. Otherwise, yeah, Magneto and Professor X should probably be dead of old age and all the original boomer X-men should be grandparents. I did some quick looking around and apparently Marvel has just de-aged him a few times.

    It took them a minute to update Frank Castle’s backstory. Dude had to have been like in his 60s still doing The Punisher thing. No way would he have survived that for very long.

    It’s an advantage DC has by not having their universe grounded in the same one as ours. They don’t have to worry about that at all.

    I guess as long as the stories are good I wouldn’t worry about timeline stuff not making sense.

    tiki god

    The punisher’s a great example, i think they’re up to like the fourth iteration of his origin.

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