Florida Gov. DeSantis targets Disney World’s Reedy Creek district in special session

Florida lawmakers currently debating congressional maps proposed by Gov. Ron DeSantis in a special session will now also consider getting rid of special districts enacted before 1968, which includes Disney’s Reedy Creek district, the governor announced Tuesday at a news conference in The Villages.

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    I wonder if he realizes Disney has “fuck you money” and will either outspend his reelection bid so hard he’ll be working a parking both at one of their parks when it’s over or they’ll just fucking move.


    I think it’s fantastic. Why should this corporation get special privileges?

    Karl Lewis

    Why should this corporation get special privileges?

    That’s an excellent question, but, orthogonal to the issue here. Because Disney is not the only corporation with such privileges. And, in order to understand precisely how badly this could work out for Florida, you’d need to understand how the “Rule of Law” works, with particular emphasis on the pesky, and apparently difficult to comprehend, “First Amendment” to that Constitution thing.

    (Do you know what special districts were created *after* 1968?)

    Karl Lewis

    Also, I’d like to add that changing the law will have the effect of transferring $2 Bn in bond debt to the local county. So, GREAT IDEA.


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