Justice Stephen Breyer to retire from Supreme Court, paving way for Biden appointment

The liberal justice’s decision to step down after more than 27 years on the court allows the president to appoint a successor who could serve for decades.

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    The squad is demanding a “Black Female™” supreme court justice. Maybe Biden should nominate President Kamala Harris for that slot.

    With her office hemorrhaging employees and her approval ratings even lower than Uncle Joe, that would take care of two problems immediately. And she doesn’t care a whit for the pesky constitution, she’d vote for anything that feels suitably Left.

    tiki god

    I can’t even imagine what you’re going to do if Obama gets the nomination.


    Is this a realistic scenario: a new judge is nominated by Biden but can only get through the approval process if the filibuster rule is suspended, and Manchin & Synema won’t allow it?
    “Vaginal dryness” will of course oppose any Biden nomination on the grounds that there’s another election this century.

    tiki god

    the filibuster is already suspending for scotus nominations, the GOP did that to block obama from appointing one.

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