First Appearance of The Rocketeer

One of my christmas presents just came in, it’s the first appearance of The Rocketeer, as graded by the CGC!  This is my second copy of the book, the first one I got for $15 at a comic book convention about 4 years ago.

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    Congrats! I’m finally looking to have some of mine graded by them. I opened up a box of mine from when I was a youngster and I have some good ones in there. 1st appearance of Carnage, first appearance of Gambit, some good #1 issues. I have about 20 I want to send at one time once I do my taxes 😀


    I lucked out in a sense. I always bought comics to read them. Trade them around and talk about them. It was a friend of mine at the time who was getting into collecting them who showed me how to really take care of them. So I know I’m not gonna get ‘white pages’ on most of them. 😀 But some others I have literally smell brand new

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