Donald Trump slams Jan. 6 panel after Ivanka Trump interview request: ‘They’ll go after children’

Former President Donald Trump slammed the Jan. 6 committee investigating the Capitol insurrection after it asking his daughter Ivanka Trump to sit for an interview.



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    She’s in her 40s and worked in the administration. It’s not like she was a teenager just trying to be a teenager while her parent was president and still having everything she did criticized by some blowhard on AM radio.

    Karl Lewis

    I’m so damned old, I remember waaaaay back the the debates, in 2020, where all Trump wanted to talk about was Hunter Biden as if Hunter, rather than Joe, was the candidate. To the best of my knowledge Hunter Biden has never served on his father’s staff in any capacity.

    I hope Sedition Barbie and the Orange Diaper Stain both end up in jail. (And her little android husband should be in jail as an accessory to Jama Ahmad Khashoggi’s brutal murder.)


    I wondered why her jump suit had a fly. And now I can’t get the idea out of my head that it’s to give Trump easy access.
    It’s a useful item of clothing in one other way – all she has to do is dye it orange and she’s all ready for jail.

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