Germany to pull the plug on 3 of its last 6 nuclear power plants

“For the energy industry in Germany, the nuclear phase-out is final,” said Kerstin Andreae, the head of energy industry association BDEW.


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    The EU just declared nuclear energy as “green energy”. They are stupid shits sometimes.

    Old Tofu

    how is it not?


    Renewable energy is green energy.
    Nuclear energy is using uranium, which is a very limited resource. Also nuclear is producing radioactive waste that will be present in the world for millennials. There is a whole science dedicated to warning future generations of nuclear waste zones. One possible breakdown product(?) is plutonium, which can be used for nuclear weapons. Also there is a significant risk of nuclear disasters wasting entire landscapes. How is this green energy?


    Uranium does not decay into Plutonium. Plutonium is synthesized/manufactured in reactors. Plutonium has a half life of 88 years, so virtually any produced in the nova(s) that created our naturally occurring heavy elements, would have decayed long before our planet had coalesced and cooled. Your apparent hysteria regarding nuclear energy makes it clear your understanding of the subject is limited to crying of other uninformed individuals.

    Old Tofu

    none of that affects the environment except for where you store the nuclear waste , no carbon output or any other greenhouse gases or effects , that makes it green energy. look at fukishima and chernobyl they may be dangerous to humans and wildlife for a time but the plant life seems to do just fine.


    It’s low carbon energy….


    True. But is low carbon energy automatically green energy?


    depends on your priorities…

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