Slight changes to MCS header

I’ve made some slight changes in the site’s header, removed the black admin bar and moved the couple things that were actually useful to the main navigation bar.

RIP admin bar, you were great, but super confusing to new people.

Additionally, I’ve removed everything in the sidebar except recent comments and recent tags.  My plan is to completely remove the sidebar as well and migrate any content that was there to the main body of the site.

In addition to those two things, I discovered a bug in how the “queue” page was displaying for non-logged in users.  That’s been fixed.

To celebrate these triumphs over code, here’s a picture of Mr Odo:

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    Karl Lewis

    You removed the “Random” button, too… now, I have the sads.

    Karl Lewis

    You are a CODING GOD, ! Thanks.


    Expanding the recent comments on the sidebar is the single greatest advancement in the history of MCS.


    I know. That is why I’m telling you now, it is great the way it is. Hope you have a brilliant idea other than nuking it.

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