New York AG says Trump’s company misled banks, tax officials

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York attorney general says her investigators have uncovered evidence that former President Donald Trump’s company used “fraudulent or misleading” valuations of its golf clubs, skyscrapers and other property to get loans and tax benefits.


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    i’m shocked. /s


    Colour me cynical. After all this time, and despite a lifetime of financial and other shenanigans, there still hasn’t a single legal charge against any of this festering family since Trump was “elected”..

    Karl Lewis

    And the AG’s investigation will not result in any criminal charges, either. This is not cynicism; it’s just the way the AG’s office in New York works. BUT. The civil suit that she’s brought will almost certainly result in 1) enormous fines to the Trumps, personally; and 2) The “corporate death penalty” for his various shell companies and fraudulent fronts. The banks will wind up owning his Real Estate “Empire.”

    On the other hand… the Manhattan DA *is* likely to bring criminal charges, indeed, he’s already got the Trump Org’s CFO under indictment.

    And then there’s the AG of Washington DC, and his continuing investigation of Trump’s Inauguration.

    We won’t even talk about the Fulton County, GA’s special Grand Jury investigating election tampering charges. (Fun fact, though: In Georgia, the Governor cannot, him/her self pardon anyone.)

    Another Fun Fact everyone seems to have lost track of: Trump’s buddy, and chairman of the Inauguration Committee, Tom Barrack, is under indictment for Espionage. Not FARA violations, ESPIONAGE: Working against the National Security interests of the United States, in favor of a foreign power.

    Ya HATE to see it.


    That’s all reassuring – and I didn’t know about the espionage charge. Interesting. Oh well, back to waiting and hoping.

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