That’s one way to keep the river camper dry

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    “When I told you to keep the food high off the ground so the bears couldn’t get to it this is not what I had in mind.”

    I am extremely curious as to how this done. Was a crane brought in?

    I can’t tell from this photo but is it even possible to get in and out of the thing now with it up that high? There’s that thin tree blocking the door but it doesn’t look like there’s any kind of stair case or ladder. Do you even get in and out of it or does it have to be placed back on the ground first?

    If this is all set up just to keep the camper dry, I would think moving it to an entirely different location but still on the ground would be easier.

    tiki god

    I think it’s a ladder to the door, they’ve reinforced the rear end, i would assume because some sleeps there.

    Someone young enough to have the energy to this this stupidity.

    Old Tofu

    you can do it with a crane or most of the time it’s just a LOT of jacks slowly raising it a little at a time , raising supports , raising the jacks and repeat until done. buddy of mine used to set mobile homes and when we went to mississipi we had to set one about 10 feet high. we used the jack method and it took almost 2 full days. here’s a video of them using jacks to raise a whole house


    Thank you for providing that information. I knew about raising houses but was not sure how it was done and had never seen it done. That was a cool video.

    tiki god

    thanks for that video, it was great! I was thinking that there was no way to do this image with the jack method, but the end result looks pretty close to what your video did.

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