Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty in sex-trafficking trial

Maxwell, 60, convicted on five of the six charges she faced as US prosecutors hail verdict and say ‘justice has been done’


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    Good. Now make cases for any and all clients.

    Old Tofu

    they act like it’s not what we actually want


    What she did was disgusting. I hope she spends the rest of her life in prison.

    Karl Lewis

    There are times when I think the absence of “guilt by association” in our legal system is a flaw. I’d kinda like to see everyone who flew around on Jeff’s plane in prison, just on general principles. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and all the others. ALL THE OTHERS.

    (I understand, I so, why guilt by association is a bad thing, but…. damn I hate seeing all those child-fsckers walk away unscathed.)

    tiki god

    This case is a fantastic example of why Guilt by Association is a horrible concept, Epstein actively sought out people with power to be associated with them, if only in the slightest possible way, getting photos taken with them, staying at their 3rd or 15th home, managing money, or whatever it took to worm his way into their circles of influence. I have extreme doubts that even a fraction of the people that took a flight on that air plane had any nefarious intent, but because so many people had taken flights on it everyone felt emboldened to take future flights.

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