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    Because restrict ppl’s means of defend themselves to prevents suicides make sense to some I guess.


    You mean about 25,000 gun related suicides a year…..right…?

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    Right. Removing guns (which I don’t think is possible at this point) will just move the number from “suicide by gun” to “suicide by rope” or “suicide by gravity”…etc. The majority of death by gun in this country came from suicide. Gun wasn’t the issue.


    Stats from other countries point to a different conclusion.


    The suicide impulse is often temporary.
    Taking away a gun may be exactly the difference for it to pass and the person to survive.

    Or…you could just not give a shit about people killing themselves because you love your toys…..


    Chrystul Kizer defended herself from the man who had kidnapped her and been raping her for a year. She was convicted of first degree murder.

    tiki god

    that one’s a really rough situations, with a significant amount of nuance required to understand it.

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