MTG Is Cancer

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    If cancer becomes airborne, or hell contagious at ALL, the country would indeed shut the fuck down. But you know what the country has done you dimestore Sarah Palin? Outlawed lead paint, asbestos, smoking indoors; all for the public good because those things were a public health problem. You know, like Covid-19 has been because a bunch of people have decided that getting sick instead of wearing a mask and social distancing as much as possible is like the Holocaust or some shit because those some people never read a fucking history book. When the vaccinated put up signs that… Read more »


    There is already at least one contagious cancer in mammals – Tasmanian Devils spread a facial cancer vis contact, so there’s nothing to say a human cancer couldn’t become infectious at some point. If an adventurous cancer cell fancies having a go and is looking for an available piece of dumb meat as a test bed, I have just the politician to recommend it.

    tiki god

    HPV is a cancer causing virus too, there’s a few of others out there, but none of them are spread by breathing in the same air that someone else expelled.

    not yet at least.


    I guess strike the “or hell contagious at ALL” portion then. Cancer still isn’t airborne. That would be, well, god damn terrifying.


    Joe Biden said he’d cure cancer if elected, so I don’t know what she’s worried about.



    citation needed.jpg

    A clock that’s been running for LESS THAN A YEAR!

    You complain when something takes 4 minutes in a microwave don’t you?


    He’s still got all this other stuff to take care of too, so yeah… he’d better get a move on.


    So a meme pictures as a reply? Pathetic again.


    You know what’s pathetic? Saying “Joe Biden couldn’t possibly fulfil all his campaign promises” like that is some sort of excuse. You know what’s pathetic? “Vote blue no matter who!”. That’s what gets you a three quarter trillion dollar military budget with only 51 Dems in Congress saying “WTF??”.

    I hope you’re happy.

    Last edited 1 month ago by fifteenpounds

    Clearly happier than you are. All you do is bitch. You have never offered a solution, just complaints.


    You must be new here… you missed all that positivity between 2016 and 2020. Do you get some sort of sexual pleasure from being wrong? Not kink shaming, btw… My solution is now what it has always been: stop being #BlueAnon and stop voting Democrat just because they’re not Republicans. The Democrats have no reason change if you pledge your vote to them with slavish devotion year after year. “Nyuuhhh… a third party vote is a wasted vote…! Hyuuaahh…!!!” 80,000,000 Americans did not vote in the last election. That’s more than voted for Trump and just 1,200,000 less than voted… Read more »


    New here? That’s laughable sicky alt. Again you failed to change up your posting style. I can’t fathom why you keep coming back except to be an asshole troll. Your existence is hollow. The constant ellipses isn’t clever either.


    You can’t argue the point so you attack the person. Predictable and sad.


    You’re proving my point!


    “After his comments, Biden was heckled by a protestor. The audience booed the man, but Biden responded calmly.: “No, no, that’s OK. No, no, no,” Biden said. “This is not a Trump rally. Let him go.”

    Imagine being the kind of person that turns on someone when they questions the man who was laughed out of the ’88 campaign for being a plagiarising, self-aggrandising liar when he say he will cure cancer but only if he gets elected. Just imagine being that person.

    tiki god

    wHy HaSeN’t He CuReD cAnCeR


    Now I know how Biden could start his presidency with “We never said $2000!” and still have people leap in front of any reasonable criticism like their whole family would die if they didn’t.

    He literally said he was going to cure cancer.


    You know what’s sad? You yourself said in a yet unpublished post regarding the three quarters of a trillion military budget “god I hate this country”, yet you lack the self awareness to realise it is all your fault by leaping in front of every single valid criticism of the Democratic party. By fooling yourself into thinking there are two sides fighting and somehow this making you better than everyone else. By insisting “Vote Blue no who!” and then somehow being surprised when only 51 House Dems actually do the right thing. You can swing the banhammer all you like… Read more »


    What do you think you are doing here Sickie….?
    Do you have no friends anywhere else…?

    tiki god

    what are you smoking man?


    More proof that she is a dumb cunt.

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