Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting a 61-year-old in a mobility scooter nine times

The case is now under investigation by the Pima County Attorney’s Office.


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    He added that his client’s close proximity to Richards did not allow the officer to safely deploy his taser.

    So he chose an even less-safe weapon to deploy?!

    Dude was in a wheelchair. Approach from behind, deploy wheel locks, crack your baton on his wrist to drop the knife, and you have him. This pig was seeking an excuse to murder.

    Old Tofu

    fired??? . . . uh, murder charges please and thank you

    Karl Lewis

    One of the *BEST* aspects of this story was how the local NBC affiliate ran a story on the victim’s criminal history, and just kind of glossed over the fact that the dude was in a wheelchair and got shot in the back. Because “Liberal Media” or some-such shite.

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