Boyfriends are temporary – Chads are forever

“Like I know that you just killed my boyfriend or whatever but IDK…. what are you doing this weekend?”

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    Maybe she doesn’t come with the same default amount of hate as a typical progressive?



    republicans were worse when obama got elected.jpg
    Old Tofu

    I like that first pic “show your papers” and now it’s full 180 to we don’t want a “vaccine passport” what is this nazi germany

    Old Tofu

    yeah , that bernie sanders is just overflowing with hate isn’t he . . . o no that’s YOU


    None from me. He went armed (illegally) to a potential trouble spot, had previously stated a desire to shoot protestors, and used a bag of trash as an excuse to open fire. He may have sleazed his way out of prison time, but his life is still over and it’s his own fault. The fact that conservatives are doing extensive background checks on his victims to try to justify their murder is a silent admission that the shootings were not justified.

    Old Tofu

    ok , try this on for size. it was ruled he wasn’t “armed illegally” as you claim , but even if he was which part of your brain says it’s ok to attack and take a gun away from a stranger? was he supposed to hand over his weapon to any random stranger that asked for it or as in this case ATTACKED him for it? are you also wanting to retroactively go back and prosecute the “rooftop koreans” who defended their businesses in an actually more aggressive way since they are on film shooting at people that were not… Read more »

    Last edited 1 month ago by Old Tofu
    Old Tofu

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