Kamala Harris held the US Presidency for 1 Hour and 25 Minutes while Joe Biden underwent a medical procedure.

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    And performed better than Trump did in his entire term.


    Skyrocketing prices for fewer things on the shelves, more people dead from Covid after Biden’s inauguration, poll numbers worse than President Cheeto… Progressives must be enjoying watching the world burn. I am so looking forward to November 2022.

    tiki god

    Blaming the guy that’s been in office for the misteps and giant hole we were dug into by the last guy, sure, that tracks.


    It was for a colonoscopy. I think they were looking for 2024 campaign promises.

    tiki god

    guess you’ve had your head in the sand for the last month, you somehow missed the big ones getting delivered


    Like “Nothing will fundamentally change”? You must be proud.

    tiki god

    that image is completely ignorant of what’s happened politically in the last 12 months, jesus.


    Oh, is it? Someone with working eyes and ears might note the Biden presidency began with “We never said $2000” and how that really set the tone for the next 310 days. And all you can do is make excuses while throwing around the word “ignorant” without the slightest bit of self awareness. News flash: Criticizing Biden for breaking every promise and abandoning his base isn’t helping the right. Biden breaking every promise and abandoning his base is helping the right. Congratulations to Joe Biden on having 70% of the country not wanting him to run again after less than… Read more »


    Sicky is back……

    tiki god

    Either you’re ignorant or you’re trolling. In the first case, please educate yourself, in the second, please be aware you’ll be banned for continued trolling.


    If you post political content, be prepared for people disagreeing with you occasionally. That’s not “trolling”.

    Defend you position. Tell us why there’s no $15 min wage. Tell us why there are still kids in cages after 311 days of Democrats controlling all three levels of government. Banning people for disagreeing with you makes you look like a thin-skinned crybaby who’s scared of wrongthink.

    tiki god

    “wrongthink” and “trolling” are the same thing in your case apparently.

    Last edited 3 days ago by tiki god

    Let me ask you this: when was the least time Biden travelled to a Democrat-held state and campaigned to pressure them to support the Democratic campaign agenda?

    Has there been a Democratic president who has done this in your lifetime? If so… who?

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