Southwest Austin man in SWAT standoff after opening fire on city code staff fatally shot by police

Shots fired and Circle C home set ablaze after Austin code enforcement officials came with a warrant to cut a man’s lawn, police said.


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    They came to cut his lawn for him and he opened fire. You tag it “Bad Cops”. You’re whats wrong with the left. This was a person who deserved death.

    tiki god

    ah yes, they came to modify his property without his permission, then ended up dead somehow. the hallmark of “good cops”.


    The city (not the police) came to cut his lawn because he was in violation of the law. He shot at them. The dead douchebag invoked lethal weapons with the intent to kill because they were threatening the lenght of his grass. That is not justification to shoot someone. Just like it’s not okay for a fat white guy to shoot a black man who got to the parking spot first, it’s not okay for anyone to shoot someone for trying to cut grass. The man who died was an attempted murderer. He didn’t submit to arrest, he tried to… Read more »

    tiki god

    Why were they so concerned about the grass though? why was that the trigger point?

    you know this was just the start of them trying to seize his home from him with fines, fees, penalties, etc.

    it’s a shit situation, but it’s a shit show


    Why are there codes about the length of your grass? Two angles. 1) It lowers property value if your house looks like shit. If your house looks like shit, it lowers the value of the properties near you as well. The community sets standards to protect everyone’s assets. 2) Safety. Tall grass spreads fire. You live in Florida, where it rains every other day. Fire is not the same threat to you that it is to us further west. Imagine if a hurricane could be summoned or strengthen by your asshole neighbors tall grass. There’s also stuff like ticks and… Read more »

    Last edited 2 months ago by Soong
    tiki god

    With the HOA I’ve been in, you can foreclose on leins


    Heavy handed fully-armed over reaction seems to be the hallmark of a majority of conflicts in the USA. Both sides seem prepared to fly into a rage caused by the presence of the other party.

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