Study 87 of excess lung cancer risk eliminated if smokers quit before age 45

Smokers who kick the habit before age 45 can nearly eliminate their excess risk of dying from lung or other cancers, a new study estimates.


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    I quit cold turkey when I was 25. I mainly did it for financial reasons at the time but I’m very glad I did.

    The first day was pretty rough but fortunately it got a lot easier after that.

    tiki god

    I quit in my mid-30’s because I woke up one day during christmas break and my lungs were killing me and I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. I think I’ve had like 1 or 2 a year since then and I’ve hated them every time.


    Fun story. Something that I think helped me was a few months after I quit I drank too much, then decided it would be a good idea to smoke a cigarette. It most definitely was not. I think that gave me a stronger aversion to ever picking them back up.

    For actual fun, do the math on how much you would have spent in the years since you’ve quit.

    tiki god

    You’re not wrong about that math, it was something like $60 a month in just smokes.


    How many smokers will see this and decide they can postpone the decision for another few years. An addict’s an addict, a loophole’s a loophole…

    tiki god

    I’m just happy I quit when I did, I never really had strong lungs to begin with, at least there’s hope that I won’t get something horrifying like lung cancer. I’ve seen plenty of people with it and it’s not a fun way to go.

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