Pete Buttigiegs Parental Leave Is Driving Conservatives Mad

The party of family values can’t understand why the secretary of transportation is spending time with his family.


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    That’s because conservatives are complete assholes…

    Karl Lewis

    TBF: Tucker Carlson is more like an incomplete asshole… you know, one that won’t shut, so the shit dribbles out more-or-less constantly.


    I’m all for parental leave (3 months to 6 months for the person with a uterus, maybe a couple months for the person with a prostate), but couldn’t Mayo Pete show up (or work from home) even a little bit to provide his amazing progressive leadership? There doesn’t seem to be anybody at the steering wheel at the Department of Transportation while shelves are bare, prices for everything are going up, and ships are waiting to unload at docks.

    tiki god

    it’s not parental leave if you’re doing work from home, that’s just working from home with a baby crying in the background. unlike the top down structure that the republicans favor, the democrats have opted for a “hire people for the positions you need them for” style of government in which a fully capable team is in place that can handle the day to day operations of the department while he’s off with his family. I’m sure if there’s a need for an emergency speech about the future of american transportation issues, he’d be willing to zoom it in, but… Read more »


    Judging from the news headlines (and his boss Dementia Joe’s rapidly declining poll numbers), it might be misinformation to call Pete’s team “fully capable”.

    Karl Lewis

    Dementia Joe’s rapidly declining poll numbers

    You’re misinformed.

    Last edited 1 month ago by Karl Lewis

    ICYMI supply chain issues are a global problem that Mayor Peet has nothing to do with, his department is fully staffed with capable people.

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