It’s all an appeal to the racist base

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    But I hear from my conspiracy theorist co-worker that “political dog whistles don’t exist”. Well yeah, I mean, they used, but no they’re just saying the quiet part out loud.

    Old Tofu

    why don’t they just go to hugo boss for a new look


    The majority of Nazi soldiers didn’t know that the Holocaust was as bad as it was. They were busy being soldiers. Those who DID know how bad it was at the time were the ones involved, and they had to be carefully led to a point where it was acceptable.

    The people flying Nazi flags nowadays look at the Holocaust and say “that looks swell, let’s do it again!” with zero brainwashing. That’s how horrible they are.

    Old Tofu

    that was the difference between regular army and ss. if you drank the kool aide you rose to the next level. there were plenty that knew including many civilians. you can’t have ghettos , camps , and so many people disappearing without noticing something

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